On a 12 month contract only
First three months direct debit half price.
If they are paying for a month up front (pro rata) then that month will be full price and their first 3 months off of the direct debit will be half price.
No joining fee.
Only valid for 12 month contracts on Full Individual, Off Peak Individual, Joint memberships, Prestige memberships.
Excludes all 3 month memberships, Student, Corporate & Junior Squash.
Only available on a direct debit not paid in full.
Not valid for ex members that cancelled less than 2 months ago.
12 month memberships cannot be cancelled in initial 12 month term.
The cut-off date is the 19th Sept any members that join ON or AFTER this date will pay for October up front at the full rate. The three months half price will begin from the first DD payment taken.
All members must fill out a NEW membership form, direct debit form and terms and conditions, please make sure they are signed.
Normal Club rules apply